Arpac BPTS-5352 Brandpac 5300 series Shrink Bundler SN: 6151

Combination pad, tray and unsupported print registered film multipacker

Information to consider for pricing hand bindery projects:

  • Film roll width: 9” minimum -24” maximum
  • Film Diameter: 20” maximum
  • Film Roll Core Size: 3” ONLY
  • Film types: Clear, Print Registered (not random)
  • Film Gauges: 1.75-2.0
  • Film type: Polyethylene ONLY, made for single roll machines
  • Infeed Conveyor Width: 20"
  • Product range: 9”-20" W x 4-12" L x 3-12" H 
  • Note: Pad size requirement is different than product size range
  • Lanes: up to 4 lanes across   
  • Tunnel: Clear pass through tunnel height x 24" Wide Opening x 93" Chamber Length 
  • Output speed: Up to 45 packages /min bundling, pads up to 30 packages/min 
  • CLICK HERE to view a film layout template.

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