This type of package is ideal for plastic, glass bottles, cans, and jars, and is a great package choice for consumer product companies that want to produce multi-packs and variety packs with attractive promotional messages targeted at retail and club store markets. Opportunities can shrink bundle your product in clear film or print-registered polyethylene film (note: minimums are required for printed film). Bundle wrapping your product with printed film gives great flexibility to quickly change couponing and advertising messages. Contact Opportunities for your bundle wrapping needs.

 Bundle Film Wrapped Water Bottles

Package specifications for printed bundle film packaging:

  • Film roll width: 9” minimum -24” maximum
  • Film Diameter: 20” maximum
  • Film Roll Core Size: 3” ONLY
  • Film types: Clear, Print Registered (not random)
  • Film Gauges: 1.75-2.0
  • Film type: Polyethylene ONLY, made for single roll machines
  • Infeed Conveyor Width: 20"
  • Product range: 9”-20" W x 4-12" L x 3-12" H 
  • Note: Pad size requirement is different than product size range
  • Lanes: up to 4 lanes across   
  • Tunnel: Clear pass through tunnel height x 24" Wide Opening x 93" Chamber Length 
  • Output speed: Up to 45 packages /min bundling, pads up to 30 packages/min
  • CLICK HERE to view a film layout template.

Our equipment: Arpac BPTS-5352 Brandpac 5300 series Shrink Bundler SN: 6151

Roll direction requirement: See image below

Illustration of a roll direction, with subtitle "Top of label leading into applicator"

Combination pad, tray and unsupported print registered film multipacker.

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See the Arpac BPTS Tray Wrapper Bundling Cans – 

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