Bundle wrapping is a great package choice for consumer product companies that want to produce multi-packs and variety packs with attractive promotional messages targeted at retail and club store markets.

This type of package is ideal for plastic and glass bottles, cans and jars. Opportunities can shrink bundle your product in clear film or print-registered polyethylene film (note: minimums are required for printed film). Bundle wrapping your product with printed film gives great flexibility to quickly change couponing and advertising messages. Contact Opportunities for your bundle wrapping needs.

Information to consider for bundle wrapped projects:

  • Size of the finished package (L x W x H)
  • Printed film vendor – if using printed film
  • Film specifications for printed film
  • Dimensions of the product being wrapped
  • Dimensions of tray the product will be supported with (L x W x H)
  • Breakdown of product flavors or versions
  • Weight of the total finished package
  • Quantity of units to be wrapped in finished bundle wrapped package
  • Skid pattern of finished product
  • Will Opportunities co-mingle product or will product be provided ready to wrap?