A point of purchase display, or POP, is a great way to display product and catch your customers eye. Opportunities, Inc. can take the project from flat printed sheets all the way through distribution for you. We can erect the display, insert with your product, package it for shipping and prepare it for distribution all under one roof. Your product will arrive in store ready to be displayed and purchased. Contact Opportunities, Inc. for all of your POP needs!

 Cardboard display box with shelves

Information to consider for pricing POP projects:

  • Final size of the display to be created (L x W x H)
  • Quantity of units to created
  • Does the display have a top cap or additional signage that needs to be included with each unit
  • Will finished goods need to be added to the display, and how many per display
  • Does the final display need any protective packaging or shroud
  • How many final displays will be placed on each outgoing pallet
  • Where will the displays be shipped to after completion