Opportunities, Inc. can help you with any of your kitting or assembly needs.  Do you have individual pieces that you need to be packed into a specific group?  Do you have seperate parts that need to be combined to create a final product?  With your instructions we can create a final product or custom package. We can help you with either simple or complex kitting and assembly projects for anything from parts and service to consumer products and packages to medical devises to sample kits to board games and everything in between. Combining our kitting and assembly process with our other capabilities allows Opportunities, Inc. to take on a project from raw materials to finished custom kit.

 Bagged screws and washersChili Cheese Nozzle assembling together

Information to consider for pricing kitting and assembly projects:

  • Size and quantity of the item(s) to be kitted or assembled (L x W x H)
  • Instructions on how to create final kit or assembled product
  • How will the kit or assembled product be packed
  • What sort of quality specs need to be met for the assembled piece
  • Does product testing need to be completed on assembled piece
  • How will the raw product be arriving to us
  • Are PPE or protective garments required to be worn during the process