Hand Bindery comes in many forms, from folding, to inserting, collating, banding, applying adhesives and the list goes on, but in the end, it is typically a labor intensive task that occupies space and requires additional labor. Hand Bindery with an outside vendor has the advantages of moving large quantities of product from your facility and allowing your press and bindery operators to focus on keeping the presses and binding equipment running. Opportunities, Inc. can employ our large staff to help achieve the output you need. Opportunities can provide additional packaging services such as shrink-wrapping, ink-jetting or bagging. Contact Opportunities, Inc. for your hand bindery needs.

Information to consider for pricing hand bindery projects:

  • Description or photo of each piece involved in the project
  • Size of each piece (L x W x H)
  • What steps are to be performed with each piece
  • Any additional packaging steps required (i.e. shrink-wrapping, bagging or insertion to an envelope)
  • Breakdown of product flavors or versions
  • Finished packing specifications and size, including number units per carton, skid stack or gaylord pack
  • Skid pattern of finished product
  • Provide timelines and lead-times. When do you need Opportunities to begin your project and when would you like Opportunities, Inc. to complete the entire project?