Shrink Wrapping Services

Shrink wrapping is a versatile packaging option because it works for just about any product shape or size and requires very little in the way of set up or tooling. The material is fairly inexpensive and will seal and protect your product while giving it a polished look. Our shrink wrap equipment can handle a variety of product widths, and to date, we have worked with product up to 10' (yes feet) in length. Our equipment includes manual L-Bar sealers, semi-automatic or fully automatic machines for projects with higher volumes. Film clarity and thickness (gauge) can be customized to meet your needs and ensure the best package for your application. We have several machines in our 3 locations to complete your shrink-wrapping project. Call Opportunities to discuss your shrink-wrapping needs

Information to consider for pricing shrink-wrapping projects:

  • Size of the package to be wrapped (L x W x H)
  • Quantity of units to shrink-wrap
  • Number of units that will be packed into the master carton
  • Indicate where the seam should be placed on the final product
  • Gauge of film needed 45 gauge up to 200 gauge (for product that needs HEAVY DUTY protection in the retail environment). Our standard in stock film is 60 – 75 gauge
  • With light packages, such as a few sheets of paper, consider adding a stiffener such as chipboard so the product does not curl
  • Provide timelines and lead-times. When do you need us to begin your project and when would you like us to complete the entire project?