Our equipment includes rotary blister card sealing machines to handle both small and large production runs. We can walk you through the process from thermoforming (making the blisters), to blister card printing (which requires special coating), and sealing. Blister cards are a cost effective alternative to "plastic intensive" packaging such as clamshells, while still offering a similar look. Call Opportunities to discuss your blister card needs.

Empty Blister Card Packaging
Information to consider for pricing blister carded projects:

  • Size of the item(s) to be packaged (L x W x H)
  • Size of the blister card
  • Coating on the card (aqueous or solvent based)
  • Dimensions of the blister cavity (L x W x D)
  • Flange size
  • Placement of the blister on the card
  • Weight of the total product in each package
  • Quantity of units to be blister packed
  • Number of units that will be packed into the master carton or display
  • Type of plastic to be used to manufacture the blister (i.e. PVC, PET, RPETG)
  • Note: Blister cards do require tooling