Clamshell Packaging allows the consumer high visibility of your product without sacrificing security. This form of packaging provides ample room for graphics and product information.

Clamshells can be sealed through several methods to meet your security and shelf impact needs. RF Welding seals all edges of the clam tightly so the package cannot be opened by hand at the store level. Snap together clams provide high product visibility in a package that can easily be opened and close. This option is great for multi-item packages where all of the products inside are not taken out of the package during the first use. In recent years, our customers have used fugitive glue (removeable, reusable glue) to seal their clamshells. This gives a slightly higher level of security but the ability to open and close the package if needed.

Our equipment includes rotary RF Welding machines to handle both small and large production runs. Opportunities has years of experience helping customers work through the entire process of packaging their products in clamshells. We can walk you through the process from thermoforming (making the clams), to insert card printing and die-cutting. Call Opportunities to discuss your clamshell needs.

Information to consider for pricing clamshell projects:

  • Size of the item(s) to be packaged (L x W x H)
  • Size of clamshell
  • Desired security level of product
  • Weight of the total product in each package
  • Quantity of units to be clamshell packaged
  • Number of units that will be packed into the master carton or display
  • Type of plastic to be used to manufacture the blister (i.e. PVC, PET, RPETG)
  • Note: Clamshells do require tooling
  • Provide timelines and lead-times. When do you need us to begin your project and when would you like Opportunities, Inc. to complete the entire project?

If you want to package your product to clamshells and don't know the answers to these questions, please contact Opportunities, Inc., we are here to help guide you through the process.