Opportunities, Incorporated was recently awarded the State Use battery contract! We are now the official supplier of 9-volt, C-cell, D-cell, AAA, and AA batteries to state agencies. By having this contract, our organization is able to help people throughout the community fill your battery needs while also creating vocational training opportunities.

Opportunities Inc. as an organization‚Ķ 
  • Serve over 3000 individuals annually through training, employment and social enrichment programs  
  • Partner with over 150 community businesses

As the program ramps up, we would like to thank everyone who has already participated by ordering and urge you to spread the word to all other state, city and county agencies. Our goal at Opportunities Inc. is to make battery ordering quick and easy for you. 

Check out our pricing catalog, battery specifications, and order form at our OI Packaging State Use webpage.

Interesting facts about Rayovac:

  • &Rayovac has been a Wisconsin based company since 1906.
  • &In 1939, Rayovac was ahead of the curve by announcing the first leak-proof "sealed in steel" dry cell battery.
  • Confident in their product Rayovac starts selling the Workhorse flashlight with a lifetime warranty in 1984.
  • By 2007 Rayovac is officially the battery supplier for Disney Parks. 

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