Opportunities Incorporated is proud to be a member of The Association for Contract Packagers & Manufacturers. Through our membership to this trade organization we are able to gain useful industry insights to allow us to better serve you, our customer.

It can be a big deal when deciding to outsource work to a contract packager. A lot of questions can come up right from the beginning, such as What level of quality can be provided? Can they meet our turn times? Who do we choose? Where do we even start?

To help get you started, The Association for Contract Packagers & Manufacturers came up with a list of reasons you may want to consider selecting a contract packager:

- No available in-house equipment or expertise for a particular job

- Geographically separated facilities could serve the product better for national distribution

- Non-standard packaging requiring special machinery or labor intensive work is specified

- Product may more economically be shipped in bulk to a distant market, then unit packed locally

- Short-term requirement that may be better served by specific experience or equipment you don't have

- There's a warehouse full of a product that needs re-working to make it saleable

- There's a corporate downsizing in personnel, facilities or both

This is a great list that you should keep in mind when deciding whether or not to consider selecting your next contract packager.

Please visit https://www.contractpackaging.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3287 to see the article this list originally appeared in. CLICK HERE for more content related to contract packaging or HERE to request a quote.