At Opportunities, Inc. we offer a lot of great services that greatly benefit the community and our customers. The main intention of this blog is to highlight some of the contracts and projects that Opportunities, Inc. performs for the state. Throughout this blog we want to highlight how we are constantly finding ways to ensure that YOU are our main focus. This blog will also highlight some of the new machines, and processes that we use to ensure your satisfaction. At Opportunities, Inc. we pride ourselves in quality control, making sure that your orders are packed and shipped correctly. We will also have some fun and interactive posts that may help you or someone you know in the future including:

  • Beginning to end pictures and videos of projects
  • Fun facts and uses for batteries
  • Our mission and how you are helping to serve it
  • New packaging ideas and cost saving tips
  • And more!
We hope that you continue to follow our blog as we continue to post. Not only will our blog feature original content from people throughout our organization, but we may also post links to other blogs and web pages that we hope you will find useful. We know your time is valuable so we will keep our posts as informative and brief as possible.

Stay tuned for updates on the OI Packaging blog!

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Staff at Opportunities Inc.